What focus areas are offered for tuition by Oasis Learning?

  • Research Planning and Methodology are two aspects of completing a research report that require astute planning, problem formulation and alignment of research design elements. Oasis Learning specialises in these aspects of the research process. For those times when you require extra focus and clarity when completing your Research Report, Oasis Learning provides an environment for you to be empowered to progress towards achieving your educational goals with resolve and success.
  • Academic and Information Literacy include the skills of how to do research for assignments and research projects and write them up in an academically acceptable way. Academic and information literacy are relevant and necessary for all undergraduate students, MBA and postgraduate students.

“Debbie is a detail-oriented person. She’s very calm and patient. Debbie was my research supervisor during my MBA studies. My dissertation looked at the Role of Managers in Adopting, Assimilating and Diffusing Environmental Sustainability in Corporate Enterprises. Her efforts and patience were rewarded with the most deserved grade.

Debbie kept me focused on the programme and within schedule. She’s very frank and very open- minded. I liked how she facilitated every single idea that I had, to better suit the subject of my dissertation. I have grown a lot because of my interaction with Debbie and I believe her warmth and approach to applied learning will be beneficial to any student whom will work under her guidance.

Thank you, Debbie for being passionate with your teaching. I believe this is your calling.”

– Joseph Chauke, (Manager: Environmental Sustainability South African Post Office)

  • Academic Writing is included in Academic Literacy. Business report and research writing are vital skills for business professionals to master when undertaking MBA and postgraduate study and research.
  • Business Communication is a requirement for successful communication in the business world. Success in all areas of life is dependent on effective communication skills. Being able to successfully apply the rules of Business Communication is an advantage anyone in business today cannot be without.

Who should attend the academic tutoring sessions offered by Oasis learning?

  • MBA and vocational professionals who are completing postgraduate study and research projects
  • Postgraduate students who must complete a research project or who require additional writing, study and research skills
  • Business professionals who want to polish their Business Communication skills
  • Undergraduate students enrolled at an academic institution
  • Pre-degree students – students who wish to prepare themselves for entrance to a post school academic institution

How does Oasis Learning offer tutor sessions?

  • Individual tutoring sessions can take place on a face to face basis or remotely via Skype or a similar type online platform.
  • Group tutoring sessions take place in small groups in a workshop-type format at a location convenient to the group, or in our Tutor Centre facilities in Broadacres, Johannesburg.

Find out more by contacting info@oasis-learning.co.za with your query and we’ll reach out to provide a learning solution for you!

“Debbie is an exceptional teacher both academically and professionally and her insight into postgraduate research and academic writing specifically is outstanding. Debbie assisted me with my postgraduate research report and if not for her intervention I would have been completely lost. Debbie is approachable, friendly and has a fantastic sense of humour and I unconditionally recommend Debbie as a lecturer and postgraduate research supervisor/advisor.”

Geoff Law – Customer Advocate at The Co-operative Bank, UK

“As an MBA research supervisor, Debbie not only matched my hard work and perseverance, but gave me the much needed push that I needed to rework a paragraph for the umpteenth time “to get it just right”. She has a keen eye for detail, academic rigour, patient guidance and excellent research skills. Students seeking her assistance can be guaranteed that she will work alongside them to produce great work.”

Dino-Luis Arraiol, (top MBA Dissertation for Milpark Business School, 2015)

Oasis Learning offers a diverse range of learning services. Please email us on info@oasis-learning.co.za to find out more about what we offer.

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