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Oasis Learning offers guest speakers for your school’s Professional Development Staff Workshops or Seminars. We can also address your parents at your school’s parent evenings.

Our area of speciality is

  • Relevant Education for the 21st century – A New Paradigm for Teaching & Learning

This topic covers new ways of looking at learning and challenges educators to interrogate their practice and the way society views schools and learning.

You’ll think about schools, teaching and learning differently after being exposed to one of our talks.

From Early Childhood Development and Preparatory School through to High School Phases of Education, Oasis Learning inspires, informs and challenges educators.

Keynote Speakers

Andre de Coning

André de Coning

André’s teaching career started 26 years ago, in the North-Eastern Cape. “Right from the start I realised that there are institutional “truths” that fly in the face of how children learn. This led me to deeper investigation and studies which have shaped me as an educator.”

For many years André has envisaged having his own school where he could create a learning environment that would nurture his core beliefs regarding education. Together with fellow educational visionary, Dylan Cavanagh, André is creating such an environment at Broadacres Academy.

André believes that children are inquisitive, risk takers, adventurers and love to find things out for themselves. He believes that children are natural collaborators and care about each other. They don’t have to be coerced, threatened or punished to learn – they do it naturally.

André has researched widely on the history of schools and education and will encourage you to challenge your beliefs and assumptions about teaching and learning. He provides teachers with insights and techniques that will enable them to adopt a new paradigm of learning – one that is relevant for education in the 21st Century.

André’s presentation challenges the current underlying assumptions held about education and will inspire your School Management Team, staff and parents towards a new paradigm of thinking about schools, teaching and how children learn.

André holds a Master’s degree in Education Management and Leadership from the University of Johannesburg.

Andre has been a keynote speaker at the expo ‘Future Ed, The Education Show’ and ran engaging Teach Time Seminars to a diverse audience from all spheres of the education industry.

André was completely professional and gave engaging talks on ‘Relevant Education for the 21st century’. He communicates well with people of all ages and I have found him to be extremely committed, attentive, punctual and forthright in his passion for education and development.

– Naveen Pather, Exhibition Director, Future Ed, The Education Show


Dylan Cavanagh

Dylan has 23 years of education experience. A visionary educator, he is in the unique position of growing and developing his own school, Broadacres Academy, together with co-owner and fellow educational visionary, André de Coning.

Dylan has taught in the intermediate, secondary and senior phases of schools in South Africa and in the UK. He has an excellent understanding of each curriculum, how they each work as well as their shortfalls and challenges.

Dylan addresses the gaps that students may experience when progressing from primary to high school and from high school to tertiary education. Dylan’s view is that if educators follow only the curriculum, children are ill prepared for the demands of high school and subsequently, university.

Dylan explores ways of advancing the curriculum, providing children with higher level thinking skills, enabling them to think critically and have a full understanding of how to drive their own learning, ensuring they get the best out of their schooling experience.

He believes that children are natural learners and that the curriculum is not designed to enhance their desire to learn new things. “Ways must be found to keep children excited about learning, from primary school, to high school and right through life.”

At Broadacres Academy, Dylan is implementing the philosophies and methodologies he has studied and encountered throughout his career in a meaningful and purposeful way.

“I can strive to develop a unique learning environment where children are guided on a journey of learning and exploration that enhances their natural love of learning. This is my dream and I am living it.”

Dylan will challenge and inspire your School Management Team, staff and parents and guide you to new insights when understanding school curricula and how to make learning meaningful for your students.

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