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Why are we called Oasis Learning? Our name conveys the expertise, knowledge and uniqueness of our service. In an academic environment that can be challenging, Oasis Learning serves as a refuge – a habitual environment for our stakeholders to be empowered so that they can progress towards achieving their educational goals with clarity, resolve and success.

Oasis Learning is about connecting with individuals. Our teaching experience and commitment to seeing students succeed ensures that quality time is spent with students whether it be in a one-on-one tutoring session or in a small workshop environment. Our stakeholders and their achievements are vital to our business success. Together we connect.

The Oasis Learning brand is

  • learner-centric
  • professional
  • quality-driven
  • insightful
  • empowering
Debbie de Coning

Debbie de Coning: Founder & Director of Oasis Learning

Debbie is an experienced and committed academic practitioner. She has a unique blend of academic competencies in both the teaching and academic administration domains. Debbie remains committed to ensuring a secure, yet professional learning environment for all stakeholders.

Debbie has a Master’s in Education (Tertiary Teaching) from the University of the Witwatersrand and specialises in the field of Academic Literacy for MBA and postgraduate students as well as content development across a range of platforms. Her Master’s research report dealt with the challenges MBA students experience with Academic Writing.

Debbie lectures Academic Literacy and Business report writing to MBA students and Business Research Methodology to students doing a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration.

Debbie has completed (with distinction) an Online Short Course in Online Lecturing with Milpark Education which has provided valuable insights and practical exposure to the online classroom experience both from a learning and teaching perspective.

She has also completed (with distinction) Online Short Courses in Digital Marketing and Graphic Design with UCT. These courses have provided invaluable insights and depth to Debbie’s work in Content Development, Brand Management and managing an online presence for organisations.


  1. University of the Witwatersrand (2010)

M.Ed. Tertiary Teaching

  • Teaching Materials: Principles, Practices and Design
  • Language, Learning & Academic Literacy
  • Studies in Pedagogy
  • Research – MBA Student’s Experiences of Academic Writing
  1. University of Fort Hare – East London Campus (2005)

B.Ed. Honours Cum Laude

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